The web application for MiMI (the Michigan Molecular Interactions) has been discontinued. In addition, the related Cytoscape plugin, web services and database will be decommissioned. MiMI provided access to the knowledge and data from several curated protein interaction databases, this research and development, supporting access to interrelated Bio-Informatics data and analysis, continues with several related sites:

  • Gene2MeSH, which uses a statistical approach to reliably and automatically annotate genes with the concepts defined in MeSH, the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary for biology and medicine.
  • Metab2MeSH, a web application that searches compounds or MeSH terms and displays resulting pairs of compounds and MeSH terms that match the search term. The compounds / MeSH term pairs displayed are those that are significantly associated in PubMed abstracts and are ordered highest to lowest by significance score.
  • ChIP-Enrich which uses a logistic regression model to test for association between the presence of at least one peak in a gene and gene set membership. It assigns peaks to genes based on one of several possible "locus definitions". The "locus" of a gene is the region from which the gene is predicted to be regulated.
  • The MetScape Plugin which provides a bioinformatics framework for the visualization and interpretation of metabolomic and expression profiling data in the context of human metabolism.
  • The web application of the tranSMART Foundation; designed to support the sharing of clinical observations, transactional records, 'omics data, and analysis results in a framework of clinical studies and associated programs of research. - For support and questions email: